In 2009, in response to the deterioration of general business conditions, an entrepreneurial specialized Agency for Consulting and Management was established in Belgrade, by the name of "CONSULTANT IN TOURISM" - "SAVETNIK U TURIZMU". 

Considering the fact that there is a need for dual education in Serbia, that is, for acquiring theoretical and especially practical knowledge, intensive efforts were put in training of the unemployed, employees and employers in order for them to master the skills of managing modern business in tourism and hospitality, To fulfill those needs, tourism development programs, feasibility studies and business plans are developed along with the provision of consulting, training and coaching services with the help of practical business tools for the needs of an everyday business or for a certain project. Upon agreeing on a specific work plan, programs for improving knowledge and skills are implemented, which stimulate the increase of profitability. This functional knowledge enables the application of theory in practice and improves the competitiveness of individuals and organizations.

The primary goal is to provide the local self-governments and the local and regional tourism organizations, that is, the destination management organizations, travel agencies - tour operators and intermediaries, hoteliers and restaurateurs with the optimal strategies, tactics and training, to ensure continuous revenue growth and cost reduction, while simultaneously improving efficiency at all stages of doing business. Other goals are related to quick and flexible adaptation to major changes in the tourism market, improving the quality of services and anticipatory approach to tourism demand.


Services in the broadest sense consist of consulting and training. They imply the transfer of practical skills, relevant knowledge and modern experiences that are improved by everyday use.


Business and marketing consulting
Business and marketing consulting implies building business plans in order to increase business profitability.


Business skills training
The training is tailored to the business needs and special requirements of the customer. The training plan and program is made according to the observed conditions and the analysis of business needs in accordance with the client.


Consulting is a business activity that provides professional recommendations and advice in order to solve specific problems within a particular area of ​​business.